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Founded in 2019, Curate Construction is a well forged partnership of aesthetic, craftsmanship and practicality. As a boutique construction company we aim to transform and create spaces throughout our local area of North Carolina, including, Hillsborough, Chapel Hill and Carrboro.


Kara Pittman

As a native North Carolinian, Kara began her career in real estate in 1998. Realizing her drive to help people with their real estate needs, she became co-owner of Terra Nova, a client focused real estate firm. After selling new homes in the area Kara wanted to know more about what she was selling; she obtained her NC Contractors License. Now, years later, she’s built several homes for herself and a handful for others. The decision to create Curate Construction was built from a desire to be more creative and intentional about available homes in the local market.

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Zach McKinley

Zach McKinley is a carpenter and home builder with 20 years of experience working in all phases of construction and managing residential and commercial projects. He began his career as a framing carpenter, later running his own framing crew and working as site lead and project manager building custom homes in Central Florida. Since relocating to North Carolina in 2010 Zach has focused his energy primarily in finish carpentry, installing custom cabinets, and building high quality staircases. His collaboration with Kara and the formation of Curate Construction puts to use this unique skill set as they work together to build, beautiful, well designed homes here in the Triangle.


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Our goal is to create homes that are carefully constructed, easily lived in, and beautiful.

CURATE - "a caretaker" and "to collect, select and present items for people to use or enjoy"

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